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Tips to make the Best Brownies Every Time


Brownies are quite easy to make and since they are such a simple treat, you won’t even have to indulge in any complicated tricks. But again you need to understand some small and important points so that you don’t over-bake them and you’ll lose the fudgy-ness from it. Follow these amazing tips and make your brownies perfectly every time.

Tip 1: Select the Recipe

Every person chooses brownies according to their own preferences, some love to have light and cakey brownies while others prefer fudgy and denser ones. If you prefer the first kind then you should add cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate to your recipe along with a large proportion of flour. If you prefer the gooey texture then the ratio of melted chocolate, eggs and butter should be high enough as compared to other things.

Tip 2: Just Read it

Every single recipe in baking needs to be understood properly. You should always go through it, read it carefully and understand every step before you start preparing for the brownie. Also, make sure that you are ready with all the necessary ingredients.

Tip 3: Get out of the splits

When it’s not your day, things usually go wrong. Sometimes the fat separates out of the batter, which makes your resulting brownies greasy and grainy. In that case, you can add some milk, stir it and bring the mixture back together.

Tip 4: Be Careful while Adding Eggs

Let the eggs come to the room temperature while baking brownies. That way when you start whisking, the yolks and whites of the eggs will mix easily and also they’ll disperse uniformly into the batter. You know that eggs trap air, which means that the brownies will get a lighter texture and will be cooked evenly. If you forget to take out your eggs an hour before, let them swim in a bowl of warm water for around 10-15 minutes.

Addings Eggs While Baking

Tip 5: Be Prepared

Make sure your tin is properly lined with the parchment paper because an unlined one can make your brownies stuck at the bottom and you might even break them while removing. The non-stick baking parchment will help you to lift your brownies easily and smoothly.

Tip 6: Timing is everything

First, you need to preheat your oven and then put your brownies in the center of it. The baking time will depend on what type of brownies you are making but remember that they’ll keep on cooking a bit even after you put them on the counter to cool. So if you are not sure about the time, take them out little early.

To check if your fudgy brownies are done, you’ll see that the sides have little shrunk from the edges of the pan while the center is still gooey. Check the cakelike brownies by inserting a toothpick in the center and should have only a few crumbs attached to it.

Tip 7: Chill Out

Never cut the brownies right away after baking. To avoid this mess, let them completely cool down in the tin and then keep them in the fridge for at least an hour. Now, you can easily cut the squares. Make sure you keep the knife gunk-free and that way they won’t shed as many crumbs and won’t even fall apart.

Tip 8: Make them Dairy-Free

Almost every brownie recipe calls for melted butter, but you can replace it for oil but you won’t need it in the same amount. Weigh ¾ of the butter in a recipe and take that quantity of oil. Walnut of hazelnut oil will go better and provide you with a decent flavor.

Dairy-Free Brownies

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