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5 Skills That a Baker Should Definitely Know


A person certainly needs some amazing skills if they want to master any art. Understanding the terms and techniques and other important things work as a perk to your art. If you don’t know about it and wondering how you can enhance these skills, implement the following qualities while baking and see if they can help you to progress as a good baker.

1. Should be Organised

Baking includes different recipes and different stages of the recipe that means you should be organized in terms of everything. There are a lot of things that a baker should think ahead and consider what needs to be done in advance. And this advance planning also includes cleaning down the kitchen as you go.

The best way to be organized is to weigh out the ingredients earlier, check if all the ingredients are ready and also whether you have the required equipment or not. That way, you can complete your recipe in a quick time and also it becomes a good habit to understand what needs to be done when.

2. Pay Attention to the Details

Baking is all about precision. Thus, you need to be particular about the amount of raising agents you are adding, oven temperature and other things otherwise it can create problems. Paying attention to every necessary detail is important, go through the recipe thoroughly from the beginning to end before you start baking.

Understand all the steps and processes carefully and see what is required. Check the labels while preparing ingredients and you should always an oven thermometer to set the oven at correct temperature. Make sure all the equipment are in good working condition with clear markings.

3. Good Co-Ordination

Baking demands that your hands and eyes should work together in a good coordination and this comes with practice. Skills like cake decorating, making intricate sugar fondant decorations, painting takes time and endeavour. And when it is about perfection, it takes many years to master the skill.

You can check out some books or go for online tutorials for practising new decorating techniques. If you want to learn this art seriously, there are some special courses available for this.

4. Patience is the Key to Better Results

You’ll learn the importance of each and every step in a recipe when you yourself ruin your baked good just because you want to reduce your workload. Baking needs patience and wants that everything and mainly whisking, creaming and mixing should be done to a high standard. Baking requires time for many processes to complete.

You should be patient enough to wait for your yeast to activate, whisking the custard until the lumps are removed, stir a filling until you get a smooth consistency or cream the butter and sugar until the air is incorporated into the mixture properly. Take time and don’t let your hard work go waste.

5. Creativity

Last but not the least, creativity matters a lot in baking. A good baker always tries to bring something new to their customer’s table. You should know what and when the flavours will work best. Do experiments but carefully and smartly.

Creativity can also be shown through cake decoration, which includes cakes of different shapes or beautiful sugar fondant flowers. Edible paints are also one way to show your skills.

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