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Best Baking Classes and Bakery Courses in Delhi

Do You Dream of Starting a Bakery and Being your OWN BOSS?

Nobody said starting a successful bakery was going to be easy but it isn’t an impossible dream either.

And most often the reason even expert bakers fail is that they do not have a deeper understanding of running a business (yup, there’s more than baking you will need to learn).

The 3 Golden Rules of a successful bakery are as follows:

  • Get an in-depth take on recipes so you can bake mouth-watering items each time
  • Finding your audience and building a business strategy that helps you reach out to them in the most profitable way
  • Patience to experiment and try new things to figure what keeps customers coming back

As you can see, baking bread is only half the job, this why you need a baking school where you can:

  1. Build a strong base to kick-start your career in the right direction
  2. Learn to design cakes that ‘wow’ (because people eat with the eyes first). This is where finding the right baking classes in Delhi NCR would help you a lot.
  3. Understand the nitty-gritty stuff of business strategizing
  4. Have your own set of products
  5. Price each product
  6. Get in touch with the buyers using social media and other avenues

So are there any Baking classes in Delhi that provide you with such in-depth knowledge?

Luckily for you, there is Truffle Nation and below is brief summary of why we think they are the best bakery course in Delhi.

TruffleNation Review
100% hands-on training
Courses designed for future entreprenuers
Get in-depth marketing knowledge
Conveniently located as it is close to metro station
Get full support even after the course
Seat availability per batch is less

Truffle Nation is the only school that provides you a complete hands-on experience which means you learn as you do. From pre-heating the oven to running the mixer, you are completely in charge.

And to guide you along there is one trained professional assigned for every 4 students so you get all the attention you deserve to perfect every step.

Along with baking, you will also deep dive into the business secrets of running a successful bakery so you can make solid strategies and reach out to your audience more effectively.

Truffle Nation has even trained army chefs to ensure our brave soldiers can enjoy healthier and equally tasty meals each day.

There is a course for everyone whether you are just a hobbyist looking for something short-term or want to go all-in and achieve that dream of your bakery.

Many of the students from Baker’s Diploma batch have started their own bakeries and here’s why this course works so well.

You will have a comprehensive grasp of all the basic techniques and recipes that will help you further develop new eye-popping and lip-smacking products to stand out from the traditional bakeries.

You won’t just be baking croissants and garlic bread but also more complicated bread such as Focaccia, Baguettes, and even 3-D cakes, 4-tier cakes, etc. in a mere 5 months.

Excited? Well, here’s what you have got to do first

Step 1: Know What you Want to Achieve

There are only two reasons you could be here. You are passionate about baking and know for sure that’s where your future lies.

Or you already have the basic knowledge and want to take your skills up a notch in order to find a better job.

Defining this will make it easier to find a course where you get value for your money.

Step 2: The Recipes and the Artisanship

It all starts with understanding the science behind each recipe. If you understand the why, it will allow you to experiment and unleash the creative beast in you.

Apart from that, everything else is like the cherry on the icing that will help provide it a neat finish and attractive look.

A home baker does not necessarily have to know European pastries or tier cakes (though it never hurts to have the knowledge).

But for students who want a bakery of their own, the Diploma course is as serious as it gets.

Step 3: Making it a Profitable Business

You want customers flogging to your bakery/café, right? Well, guess what, recipes alone won’t get the job done.

You have to attract the right kind of customers to build a reputation but how do you know who is the right kind of customers? And how do you reach out?

This is why the course has personalized business strategy lessons,

Here’s all that you will get to learn in the at Truffle Nation’s Baker’s Diploma Course:

1. Culinary Class: The Art of Cookie Making MasterClass (Valued at Rs. 15000)
2. Culinary Class: The Complete Pies and Tarts MasterClass (Valued at Rs. 15000)
3. Culinary Class: Cupcakes and Muffins Masterclass (Valued at Rs. 15000)
4. Culinary Class: Complete Celebration Cakes Certification Course (Valued at Rs. 50000)
5. Culinary Class: Complete Artisanal Bread Baker’s Course (Valued at Rs. 30000)
6. Culinary Class: Professional Baking for Cafe Owners MasterCourse (Valued at Rs. 50000)
7. Culinary Class: Travel Cakes MasterClass (Valued at Rs. 15000)
8. Culinary Class: Fondant SugarCraft Masterclass (Valued at Rs. 15000)
9. Culinary Class: Chocolate Artistry and Confectionary MasterCourse (Valued at Rs. 35000)
10. Culinary Class: High Tea, Baked and Cold set Desserts (Valued at Rs. 32750)
11. Culinary Class: Viennoiseries and Neo Tarts (Valued at Rs. 32750)
12. Culinary Class: Classic French Macarons (Valued at Rs. 5000)
13. Culinary Class: Into the World of Entremets, Classic and Modern Gateau (Valued at Rs. 32750)
14. Culinary Class: The Art of Plating Desserts and Gelato Making (Valued at Rs. 32750)
15. Business Strategy Class: Defining Audiences and Finding Product-Market Fit (Valued at Rs. 15000)
16. Business Strategy Class: Creating your Product Line and pricing your product (Valued at Rs. 15000)
17. Business Strategy Class: Competitive Market Research (Valued at Rs. 5000)
18. Business Strategy Class: The One Page Business Plan (Valued at Rs. 5000)
19. Marketing Strategy Class: Reaching to your Perfect Audience (Valued at Rs. 5000)
20. Marketing Strategy Class: Creating content to Build Trust in the market. (Valued at Rs. 12000)
21. Added Service: A full Brand Identity and Website design (Valued at Rs. 35000)

Total Value of All Culinary Courses and Business Strategy Sessions when taken individually or privately: Rs. 4,30,000/-

What is the cost of Baker’s Diploma?

Baker’s Diploma will cost you about Rs. 4,30,000 2,95,000 if you take it as a complete course. This cost will cover not just all the tools and ingredients needed for training but also business classes and a dedicated website along with brand identity (something no other baking school provides).

The course is suited for anyone who wants to be their own boss and own a chain of bakeries or cafes across the country.

What their Students have to Say


I signed up for the Christmas workshop and their in-depth, hands-on learning during that impressed me. I have already enrolled for the next Diploma batch and so should you.


January 13, 2020 via Google

Moving to Delhi from Assam to lean baking was quite a huge decision but 4 months into my Diploma course I regret none of it. It has been an amazing journey so far.


January 13, 2020 via Google

I wanted to start my own home business and thanks to Instagram I came across Truffle Nation. Not only did I learn baking but also marketing, budgeting, menu planning and tons of other helpful things.


I am a complete newbie but the trainers here are amazing. They time give to each student individually and patience they have is admirable. Thanks team Truffle nation.

So How Do I Get Started?

If you are serious about baking and do not like waiting, I’d say give them a call at 9971127210 right away because seats to the next batch will fill up in a flash.

Or you could schedule a free consultation at Trufflenation.com/Talk.