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These Important Life Lessons that Baking Teaches you


One thing I really love about baking is that there are no hard and fast rules while following any recipe unless you are a professional. Practice makes a man perfect, the more you try out different recipes the better you can enhance your baking skills. Baking is full of experiments, failures and kitchen disaster but ultimately you’ll end up something fruitful.

This art not only teaches how to be a perfectionist but if you look closely at it, baking definitely teaches you some important life lessons. You may not have noticed it, so I have listed some of those lessons how baking teaches you in your real life also.

1. Things will Get Messy

No matter how carefully you do your work or how well you plan everything, there’ll be one or the other thing present to create some mess. Think, you are super confident that your today’s dessert will be mind-blasting and suddenly something unexpected happens and ruin it completely. Similarly, in real life and baking, you cannot expect what next is going to happen and also you cannot expect anything because there are things which are not under our control.

2. Sometimes Accidents are also good

Once I was baking biscuits and don’t know how I forgot to add eggs to it. After the biscuits came out from the oven, I realized something is different. But when I taste those biscuits, there we actually good. Yeah, there were not exactly those biscuits I was about to make but still left a great impact. In real life also, sometimes things happen accidentally and you never know what good will come out of it.

3. Little Mistakes will Blow Over

There may be some days when you don’t feel like baking or you accidentally add an extra cup of flour into it. See, that won’t make any big difference that day and you can correct it next time. In real life, we start worrying about little things that are actually not going to harm our future or cry over things that are going to come back, ultimately it is only a waste of time. Just like baking forgives, you should also forgive yourself for these small mistakes and should move ahead like a boss.

4. Things are Worth the Wait

I know it is really difficult to resist the urge of eating those delicious cookies as soon as possible. Of course, the smell while making the batter and the picture of cookies in the process is just the best. In our lives, we spend many transition periods in the same way. Waiting and understanding that if we do some things they will bring out better results. Remember those months of our post-grad life when main priority was to decide about the future and those days actually proved worth the wait. Ten minutes of baking is also that ‘worth the wait’ time when you get that make you happy.

5. You are Fine on your Own

Baking can be done in both ways. It depends whether you want to do it alone or with your friends or family. Well, I always love when I am alone and get some ‘ME’ time while baking. In real life, you should appreciate those quiet moments in your life where you are completely able of being on your own.

6. Don’t take Yourself too Seriously

Unless and until you are a professional, it hardly matters if you take baking seriously. Do it in a fun way because whatever dessert or baked good you bake won’t last forever. When it comes to our life there’s nothing different. Life will throw its own sets of pressures and responsibilities but every time you just need to calm down and think how you can make the most of it.


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