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TruffleNation is What Got Me Started with Baking!


I had been working for the past 15 years as an Office Administrator for various multinationals. Happy at work but somewhere down the dream line I too had a dream of my own from the time I was a kid like all others.

My dream could only come true if only I could get some professional training as I knew the basics of baking and use to bake at home for Christmas and other occasions. I always wanted to quit working and work from home as a baker.

The apron and the chef cap were like an achievement which I wanted to full fill.  As I had to quit working with age my desire to run a bakery grew.

I searched all net and finally come across the bakery school “Truffle Nation” through a Facebook ad which is a south Delhi based institute.

So I walked into the institute to just see if I could approach them as I was 45 and shy to speak for a training course for myself.

To my surprise, I met Kirty, a very young girl with welcoming smiles. Kirty owns this well-equipped institute and has a vast experience in baking and chocolate making. She made me feel at ease in discussing what fear I had in my baking.

My journey started the next day with a personal training from Kirty with an advanced course of Bread making and from the very start, I never felt out of place.

And thus signing up for the Advanced Cake Making Course was a no-brainer and within a few weeks’ time, I had my hands on baking and designing of pastries and cakes. Kirty can definitely teach each one to achieve individual career goals.

Here is one place where it ensures the best ingredients and equipment are available to the students in the kitchen. Their new and experimental ideas and methods specifically designed to teach the art, science, technique behind baking all you need to excel at it.

TruffleNation provides a highly professional training in Cake and Bread. Her programme offers advanced training in baking fresh fluffy white bread, multi-grain bread and even harder bread like French baguettes and Challa.

Here I am ready to bring my long awaited dream come true. I am already in talks for space and equipment need to kick-start my food dream but in the meanwhile, I along with my sister have started to supply cakes and muffins to bakeries in and around our area and so far the response has been quite good.

Yes, I eagerly await the opening day of my bakery and along with my family and friends I’d also love to have everyone from TruffleNation come have a visit.

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