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9 Baking Hacks to Improve your Cookies


Do you love cookies like me too? Interested in making some delicious cookies at your home? For me, cookies are life and I always need something to keep munching on while I am watching TV or just chilling in my room. While buying cookies is one option, it gets kinda expensive and also is no match for home-baked cookies.

So, here are a few tips to make amazing homemade cookies:

1. Use Butter at Room Temperature

Although you can use cold butter for mixing your ingredients together at room temperature butter works well in sifting through the dry ingredients and can cause a fluffy and smooth mixture. Use melted butter only where it is mentioned. If you forgot to warm up your butter then slice it into thin pieces, it will melt down easily this way.

2. Use Unsalted Butter

Never use salted butter in your recipe as you don’t know the amount of salt used in your butter brand. So, always use unsalted butter and then add the salt as mentioned in the recipe.

3. Use Eggs at Room Temperature too

You should always use eggs which are at room temperature as they would mix easily and readily with the other ingredients.

4. Cream your Butter and Sugar together

Creaming is an essential process in baking in which the butter and sugar are mixed together and sugar causes the fat in the butter to aerate so that it forms a light and fluffy texture. So if you cream your ingredients for 10 minutes, you will get light and fluffy cookies.

5. Use Less Amount of Flour

Don’t pack the flour tightly into your measuring cup, instead, pour flour into your cup with the help of a spoon and use a knife to remove the excess flour from the top.

6. Chill your Dough

A lot of people think that chilling the dough before baking is unnecessary but this is not true. You need to keep your dough in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours prior to baking as it makes it easier to use and brings out a buttery flavor in your cookies.

7. Put some Flour on your Cookie Cutters

Make sure that you always dust your cookie cutters with flour if you are making gingerbreads or different shaped cookies. This will help in loosening the dough once a shape is cut and will allow you to bake even shaped cookies.

8. Reduce the Oven Temperature

Make sure that reduce the temperature by 25 degrees if you are making thick cookies. This will help your cookies to get baked from the inside while the cookie exterior remains adequately crunchy and doesn’t become too hard.

9. Check on your Cookies 2-3 minutes before the Cooking Time

If you want your cookie to stay a little soft and moist then make sure that you remove your cookies 2-3 minutes before the actual baking time. If you are baking thin cookies, you can check by pressing the cookies, it will be firm to touch and display a shade of brown and if you are making thick cookies, then your cookie will be soft to touch.

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