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7 Ways to Bring More Customers to Your Bakery!


When you are a bakery owner, your job doesn’t stop at the opening the bakery and preparing freshly baked goods every day. There is a lot to handle and manage and one of the things that you should focus on is how to get more customers to your bakery.

This is incredibly important in the beginning because your bakery is still new and doesn’t have any reputation till now. So, you have to spend more effort in placing it on the radar of your customers and have to come up with new plans and ideas to share the word about your newly opened bakery.

Provide Nutrition Value of Each Baked Product

As people have started becoming more health conscious, it is a smart idea to include the nutritional value of each dessert on the menu. A lot of people care about their diet and fitness and letting them know about the carb and protein content is a great way to convince them to try your products.

And a good way to implement this strategy is by including a few healthy dessert options which will be perfect for fitness conscious people. This way, you will give people more transparency which is likely to make them indulge in your goods and feel good about themselves at the same time.

Offer Games and Hold Events to Get More Customers

These days, a lot of cafés and restaurants have started keeping board games and other entertainment options to keep their customers for a longer time. Honestly, keeping a foosball table or a billiards table is likely to make it more fun for customers to come to your bakery and spend at least 3-4 hours there, ordering stuff.

You can also hold a few live music events and small events to get more customers during the weekends and the weekdays. Food and entertainment go hand in hand these days so if you take care of these game nights, music nights, etc., you will see a lot of people coming to your bakery.

Give Out Free Samples to Lure in Customers

One of the most successful ways to get people to come to your bakery is by giving a taste of what they are missing out. And the only way to do this is by offering free samples of your desserts outside your bakery, in the streets, or in the mall.

Ready an assortment of desserts and baked products and serve them to the people passing by. Don’t forget to make them look appealing and appetizing and make sure that they don’t lack in the taste department. They have to be your best work ever.

And once the customers have a taste of your delicious product, they will find it hard to not enter your bakery and try more of your baked goods.

Offer Discounts and Perks Regularly to the Customers

People love discounts and free food so the best way to get people to your bakery is by offering them just that. You can use the sales technique of throwing in something extra when people buy a specified amount of goods from your bakery. Include a freebie at the purchase of a dozen muffins or a pack of cookie and entice more people to come to your bakery.

But you have to be careful about your freebie. Make sure that you give something which doesn’t cost much and will still give you a profit if you give it off free with the purchase. Another thing which you can do is give membership perks to your loyal customers. Make sure that you create an online buzz about your discounts and perks to target more potential customers for your bakery.

Focus on the Display Area of your Bakery

Another important thing to consider is how you display your desserts to walk-in customers. Let’s face it, a lot of us believe in window shopping and only enter a shop if we like what we see. The same is true for bakeries as well. If the customers like what they see at your bakery display, they will be more tempted to enter your bakery and try it out themselves.

So, make sure you get a good and well-designed display rack for your bakery. And make sure that you showcase the most gorgeous desserts on these racks to lure in the customers. Keep your display colourful and full of variety so that people will find it hard to not come inside to try out your desserts.

Offer Gluten-Free and Vegan Dessert Options as Well

When you are trying to tempt the customers into trying your bakery products, it is always a good idea to pitch something new. So, if gluten-free bakery products have become quite popular then develop a line of gluten-free products.

Similarly, more and more people are choosing to be vegans or vegetarians so make sure you have a few products to satisfy their sweet tooth as well. In fact, when you produce such new products to your customers, a lot of people will be curious about the taste and will like to try it for themselves.

This doesn’t mean that you stop producing indulgent desserts but you should have options available for all kinds of foodies.

Give Out Free WiFi Service to Your Customers

One of the best ways to get regular customers and increased customer traffic is by offering free WiFi services to anyone who orders at your bakery. If you offer WiFi services then more people are likely to return as it works as an added incentive.

That’s not all though, a lot of customers also end up using your bakery as a personal or professional meeting spot which again helps with the traffic. And with the free WiFi, they end up staying for a longer period which usually results in more orders and increased sales.

Plus, they are likely to suggest your bakery to their friends and colleagues if they are looking for a similar establishment for their meetings.

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