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10 Best Cooking Classes in Delhi


Cooking can be fun but only if you are Sanjeev Kapoor. If you aren’t then you are likely to burn down your house or will spend your entire life hungry. Yes, I know I am exaggerating a bit, after all, who can stay hungry when there is Swiggy, Foodpanda, and so many other food apps to take your order.

But honestly, cooking can be quite fun and therapeutic, if you know what you are doing. So, it is always a good idea to get some cooking lessons under your belt. This way, if you are ever home alone with no Internet, you can always cook your own food without having to leave your house.

So, whether you are learning cooking for the first time or if you just want to improve your kitchen skills, here are a few of the best cooking classes to consider in Delhi.


One of the top cooking classes in Delhi, Masterchef.in was started by Usha Agarwal in 2007. Usha is a chef who is quite passionate about cooking and wanted everyone else to know that cooking is actually quite easy. At Masterchef, they offer a wide range of cooking classes which cover all cuisines, from Italian to Thai to Continental. And each course includes easy-to-make recipes which will make cooking feel like eating a piece of cake. So, if you are looking to learn cooking from scratch then Masterchef.in is the best choice.

Masterchef Cooking Classes

Next, we have Masterchef Cooking Classes which was started by Raveena Gupta who has been teaching cooking for 8 years now. At Masterchef Cooking Classes, they teach you a variety of cuisines in hands-on sessions along with memorable presentations which make it easier to learn cooking. You can learn all kinds of dishes here including salads, chocolate, soup, Mughlai, Chinese, desserts, and so on.

Manju Monga

Manju Monga is another talented chef who has been taking cooking classes for 13 years now. She offers cooking classes which cover a variety of cuisines like South India, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, etc. And she also has special classes where you learn to make an assortment of mocktails which can be really useful for the next time you plan a party at your home.

Meenu’s Praana Kitchen

Another amazing cooking class in Delhi which you can join is Meenu’s Praana Kitchen where Meenu Nageshwaran just uses organic ingredients to cook. Meenu is a vegan so she uses recipes to make delicious yet healthy food. In her cooking class, you will learn how to cook some unique things like coconut-milk kadhi, cashew mayonnaise, and so much more. So, if you are looking for a cooking class which will teach you healthy and organic dishes then this is the perfect class for you.

Sudha Kapoor’s Cooking Classes

If you want to become an expert in some International cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Continental, etc. then Sudha Kapoor’s Cooking Class is the perfect place for you. Sudha Kapoor offers several cooking and baking classes to all age groups and teaches you the art of cooking so that you can prepare some delicious dishes at home. They also offer private cooking classes at home, special classes for working women, and even have classes for kids for you to consider.

Perfect Cookery Classes

A perfect place to learn new dishes and cuisines, Perfect Cookery Classes in Noida is a top cooking school in Delhi. This place houses expert chefs who will teach you the art of cooking in no time at all. They offer both home cooking class and group classes so you can choose which suits you better. And they have a range of classes which are perfect for kids, working women, etc. They have a short-term multi-cuisine course which can allow you to learn a wide range of dishes in just a short time.

Crazy Cooking Classes

Bored of the same old recipes? If yes, then make sure that you get enrolled in one of the cooking classes at Crazy Cooking Classes for something new. Started in 2005 by Shilpa, Crazy Cooking Classes teaches you cooking skills like no other place and makes cooking a lot of fun. At this place, you can learn how to make Italian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Ice Cream, and so many more dishes. They have a crazy team who will keep you motivated and will ensure that you take the best from their classes.

Nita Mehta Cookery Classes

One of the most celebrated chefs in Delhi and the author of 3 cookbooks, Nita Mehta runs her own cooking classes which are a great way to become an expert cook quickly. Nita Mehta Cookery Classes offers you cooking classes in several cuisines and dishes like sandwiches, ice cream, Lebanese food, pasta, Indian food, and so on. So, if you are an aspiring chef or trying to learn cooking for just fun, Nita Mehta Cookery Classes is the right place for you.

Creative Cooking Classes

Lead by Anjali Srivastava, Creative Cooking Classes is the perfect place to learn new cuisines and cooking styles in Nirman Vihar. This place offers you a range of cooking classes which teach you how to make mocktails, sweets, snacks, etc. They also have baking classes which can help you get started on the desserts and become an expert chef and baker at the same time.

Minty’s Food Studio

Minty’s Food Studio is led by chef Minty Singh who has been teaching cooking classes since 2003. An expert of several cuisines, Minty’s Food Studio offers hands-on cooking classes in different cuisines and dishes for you to choose from. So, you just won’t be standing and observing but will be actually preparing the dishes on your own. They have different classes throughout the week so you can select the one which fits perfectly with your schedule.

So, what are you even waiting for? Go and get enrolled in one of these awesome cooking classes now and let us know how your experience was.

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